Rights Respecting

Rights Respecting at Lady Margaret Primary School

Lady Margaret is a Rights Respecting School.

The Rights Respecting Schools Award programme supports schools to embed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC or CRC) in their practice to improve well-being and help all children to realise their potential.

The Rights Respecting Champions are 13 children from Y3-Y6 who also act as Junior Leaders. They work with Miss Byrne to ensure that the whole school community knows about the rights that every child is born with and to ensure that these right are being respected.

The importance of being a Rights Respecting School is embedded throughout our curriculum.

In our school, pupils learn:

Through rights – ethos and relationships

For rights – participation, empowerment and action

We aim to create an environment where relationships are built upon mutual trust and respect. Every one of us is expected to display Rights Respecting Behaviour towards each other.


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