Welcome to the Friends of Lady Margaret Primary School

Fundraising and support for our school
Friends of LMPS Constitution


The aims of the association are:

  • To promote co-operation and extend relationships between parents/carers/friends of any child attending Lady Margaret Primary School, school staff and ex-pupils.
  • To engage in activities which support the school and enhance the education of pupils attending.
  • To offer assistance and support to school staff in all school activities, where applicable
  • To raise funds for the use of the school
  • To discuss and consider applications put to the association from pupils, parents and school staff and to grant funds to support such applications where the request is passed by the majority of the Friends of Lady Margaret Primary School.


  • Membership shall be open to all school staff and the parents/guardians/friends of pupils attending the school and ex-pupils.

Committee Members

  • Mrs Dhaliwal – Chairperson
  • Mrs Pike – Vice Chair
  • Mrs Pike – Interim Treasurer
  • Mrs Mangat – Secretary


  • Mrs Tank
  • Mrs Juneja
  • Mrs Marwan
  • Mrs Pugna-Ardelean

Minutes from committee meetings

Friends of LMPS committee meeting 25-1-18

Termly Newsletters

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Funds raised towards our target of £5000.

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