Our aims in teaching music at Lady Margaret Primary School

The power of music is to engage young people in education, to motivate and excite them. At Lady Margaret we believe in providing children with the opportunity of learning a variety of musical instruments. Therefore, the children have been provided with an extended choice of instruments this year such as flute, violin, piano and guitar.

The response towards these instruments has been exceptional and the children are highly looking forward to developing their musical knowledge. In addition, we have been fortunate enough to acquire talented musicians to provide and deliver these high quality lessons to our children.

It is important that the children are able to share and perform their newly attained skills to the rest of the school, in order to encourage their musical talent. Therefore, we aim to gather all pupils and music teacher within the different instruments and combine them to perform a musical concert to the rest of the school.

Every year group has been allocated a 30 – 45 minute time slot where they will experience how to breathe correctly, hold notes and learn a variety of non-religious songs. The children’s response has been very positive and they all look forward to their Monday mornings.

It is also useful for the children to understand the language within music such as beat, rhythm, base and duration and what better way to do so than by introducing African Drumming to the year 3 children.

The children are thoroughly engaged and eager to learn new techniques, which will eventually lead to another whole school music performance. This will hopefully spark interest among those children who possess a musical interest.

How music is taught at Lady Margaret Primary School

By the end of year 6, we want pupils to:

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